Continental Building Co.’s (CBC) history is unique. We were founded by Continental Real Estate Companies (CREC), one of the nation’s most revered and successful development companies with more than 20 million square feet and $2 Billion in multiple asset classes. In 34 years, CBC has grown and evolved dramatically, reaching annual revenues of $275 million, investing in our people and the most effective technologies for communication and construction—while spanning geographically from coast to coast. We work with national developers and private clients to build facilities that affect lives daily… places where people live, work, stay, and shop.


Our company is thriving, strategically focused on the markets where we excel best, and maintaining a 94% repeat-client rate—the greatest measure of our success. The reasons are simple:


WE PROVIDE COST & SCHEDULE CERTAINTY: Being born from a real estate development company, we know that accurate cost estimates and dependable schedules are imperative because the viability of the deal/proforma hinges on their precision. Our estimates are thorough and well-researched. Our schedules are aggressive, yet realistic. And because we treat every project as if it were our own investment, we do what it takes to identify issues early and communicate directly, honestly and constantly so that informed decisions can be made. We are very proud to report that we have never missed a project completion date and our project buy-outs have been consistently within 1% of our estimates.


WE ALIGN WITH OUR CLIENTS: Our most successful projects have always been the result of an unwavering team approach in which owner, architect, and CM participate as partners. Knowing this, we choose our clients, as much as they choose us. We work with companies and people who share our culture of excellence, place priority on customer service, and embody similar values. This unified mindset has created longstanding partnerships that consistently yields the best results… and we wouldn’t want to do it any other way.


OUR VALUES ARE VISIBLE: We take our core values very seriously. Our associates embrace and demonstrate safety, teamwork, passion, being the best, and a commitment to the community—always. These values are the foundation of who we are. It provides clients with a confidence, beyond a doubt, that they are working with people that they can trust.